Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Friendship is precious!

♣ not only in the shade,
♣ but in the sunshine of life;
♣ and thanks to a benevolent
♣ arrangement of things,
♣ the greater part of life is sunshine.
♣ Of all the blossoms in life“s garden,
♣ friendship is the most fragrant
♣ A friend is a gift where
♣ worth cannot be measured
♣ except by the heart
♣ Be full of sympathy toward each other,
♣ loving one another with tender hearts
♣ and humble minds
♣ Friendship is sharing openly,
♣ laughing often,
♣ trusting always,
♣ caring deeply
♣ We can pour our heart out to a friend
♣ knowing that gentle hands will take and sift it,
♣ keep what is worth keeping,
♣ and with a breath of kindness,
♣blow the rest away
♣ Thank YOU for being my friend •····•♣
(based on a email)

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