Thursday, June 26, 2008

Real love...

Every time i think of you
I feel the intensity
Of loving you
Like you could never imagine

What i want more than anything
Is to hold you in my arms
And tell you how much i love you
And how much i want you in my life.

Dont ever doubt my love for you
Because it is as real today
As it was the day
We first began to share a love.....

(based on a email)

Find out

എത്ര ആളുകള് ഉണ്ട് ഇതില് ? പറയൂ ....
ഉത്തരം താഴെ നോക്കുക :


സത്യത്തില് എല്ലാം ഒരാള് തന്നെ ആണ് ....
ഇവന്റെ ഒരു കാര്യമേമ
(based on a email)

Rise above saddness

As sadness fills my mind and soul,
I don’t know what to think of,
My world has virtually come to an end.
I can, feel the sadness in my heart,
Pulling me down with lots of weight,
I go out of my house, to be with myself.
In the darkness as I sit alone,
The full moon shining upon me.
The crickets chirping, owls hooting,
A small breeze swept across my face,
I saw garden plants swaying in the breeze,
A thought passed through my mind.
If plants can stand lonely through the night,
If these crickets can stay in the cold,
Why can’t I pass this sadness with a smile,
And wait for the sun to rise.
Yes, I can rise above, and gather myself together.
Hence I rose from the darkness and cold,
And walked into my house of light and warmth.
Thank god,I have a very good life
To live for long with happiness ahead.
(based on a email)

The Winter nights

Oh, I love these winter nights a lot.
I feel the cold all over me.
I wrap myself in woolen clothes,
Hoping that it will keep this cold away.
But it finds its way somehow,
Into the blanket and over my body.

Oh! I wish my lover was with me,
So that I could emrace her and sleep.
I can see her next to me,
Sleeping with, all the beauty on her face.

Although it is cold outside,
It is always warm inside my heart.
Because I know I am the happiest man,
In the whole world who ever lived,
Though it may last only for one day.

I love these winter nights a lot.
I like to sleep a lot these days.
I can hear the sound of rain,
And I can feel the cold wind outside.
Because it is a winter night,
And it is always supposed to be like that!

(based on a email)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ഒരു വട്ടം കൂടി....

(images from other project)

ഓര്മകളില് ഒരു നലല കാലം

(images from other project)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

" Feel My Heart "

Hold your hand to my Heart,

Feel all that Love from the start.

Embrace those feelings I have with in,

To the highest mountains of the wind.

Stand with me, under skies above,

Share with me all eternal Love.

Feel our hearts and what they say,

Our faithful Love will grow each day.

Enchantment in life we will see,

Ultimate love for all eternity.

(based on a email)

" Two Hearts "

Young love seems to melt your heart,

With many loving feelings shared upon the way.

No matter the age your love does start,

It grows stronger day after day.

Bonding of these feelings and love you find with in,

Gives unity to your life and brightness there will be.

Enchanted hugs and kisses and touching of the skin,

Brings serenity to your heart, you will always see.

With all love with in your heart, no matter age in time,

Essence of two hearts in love, you will always find.

(based on a email)

"Don't Cheat Your Heart"

Don't cheat your heart from the love you know,

Express that love from your heart and let it grow.

Forever feelings you share inside will be,

Enchantment of love will flow and you will see.

The ultimate love in your life you will share,

To that special love one, who you do care.

Even on cloudy and stormy days,

Your love will shine in the brightest ways.

So don't cheat your heart from that love you know,

Share with your loved one, so it will grow.

(based on a email)

" Love You Know "

Love is not just feelings that come and go,

Your life may change but that love will grow.

A broken heart in life there may be,

Sharing your love will mend that heart you'll see.

Sharing feelings from love that is there,

Fills your heart with loving care.

Reminiscing of love in days that past,

Love was shared, those memories last.

Those sharing memories with love will grow

Will fill your life with love you know.

(based on a email)

" Walk Through Life "

Walking through life, hand and hand you could be,

When sharing in love with two hearts you can see.

Life could be filled with happiness that is there,

When trust and understanding is shared with some care.

Have faith in ones self from loving feelings in your heart,

Follow your visions of love and life from the start.

Expressing all feelings of love from your heart that is there,

Let no other change your visions of life that you care.

The walk through life with happiness will be,

Follow your heart and visions of Love you will see.

(based on a email)

" Take My Hand "

Take my hand and walk with me,

For you, all love my heart gives free.

No strings or promise you have to give,

Just give our love a chance to live.

Make all dreams you have come real,

Express all love your heart will feel.

Take my hand, I'll walk with you,

Sharing all days with love so true.

Those loving memories we will keep,

With in our hearts we hold so deep.

All that love we shared through time,

Will be the best our life did find.

(based on a email)

LOVE HAS NO LIMIT....... .....

While Dad was polishing his new car,

his 4 yr old son picked stone & scratched lines on the side of the car.

In his anger, Dad took the child's hand & hit it many times, not

realizing he was using a wrench.

At the hospital, his child said "Dad when will my fingers grow back?"

Dad was so hurt.

He went back to car and kicked it a lot of times.

Sitting back he looked at the scratches, child wrote "I LOVE YOU DAD"

Anger and Love has no limits...

(based on a email)

" Falling In Love "

Falling in love, two hearts will be,

When all 7 senses come to life you will see.

From the setting of the sun to the stars above,

When you both will feel that sharing of love.

The sensuous feel as your lips softly touch,

To your gentle hugs that mean so much.

Holding hands, when sharing feelings with care,

While the desire in life just fills the air.

An aura of beauty where ever you go,

The ultimate taste of love makes your heart glow.

Two hearts in love, that love you can hear,

With the essence of love that sounds so clear.

Falling in Love, two hearts will be,

Forever in Love, that love you will see.

(based on a email)

" Remember Friend "

Remember when, all love we shared,

Loving days and nights of love we cared.

Remember when, all times were fun,

Loving times our hearts were one.

Remember when, we couldn't part,

The tears of love came from the heart.

Remember when, love seem so right,

Embracing love under stars so bright.

Remember when, you said good-bye,

The tears of love, my heart did cry.

Remember friend; a broken heart will seek,

New special love, someday I'll meet.

(based on a email)

"Love or Friendship"

Love or friendship, are they the same,

Two words a like, but different name.

Look upon the past to be,

With-in your future your heart will see.

Was it true love you will find,

Or needed friendship with-in your mind.

If it were love, you still would care,

If only friendship, you still would share.

If you walk away from both, you will see,

An empty heart of loneliness there will be.

I searched with-in my heart to find

Both love and friendship makes life divine.

(based on a email)

Friday, June 13, 2008